Road and Environmental Engineering

E.V.A.S.A. is a family business, which emerged in 1999 to give continuity to the legacy we received from our parents. We faced a great challenge, trying to maintain our identity and the values ​​that were transmitted to us, while we shaped the future of the Company, trying to understand the demands that were presented in the workplace and generating a broader perspective that allowed us to satisfy seriously and efficiency those multiple needs.

Everything we have achieved through these years is the fruit of shared work, of the experience and dedication of our technical and administrative staff, of the incorporated technology. This heritage has been applied to the realization of projects, direction and execution of works in the field of environmental, road and civil engineering.

After more than 15 years of work, having turned over our resources in search of acquiring the necessary experience to continue growing, we ´ve managed to consolidate ourselves in the market as a young company, but with the seriousness, responsibility and efficiency of the elderly.

Our future task will be to be at the forefront to provide solutions viable, in our different areas of responsibility, working day by day so that the results obtained are superior, always committed to strengthen and transmit the values ​​that shape our Company Vision.

Executive Manager