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Storm drains
Conduit and / or channeling of storm drains
Reconstruction and cleaning of margins
Regulating works
Sewer works - Drainage


Soil Movement
Soil Stabilization


Río Negro

Access Road to Lake Steffen

The work consisted of the improvement of the access road to the lake in the section between the junction with National Route 40 and Lake Steffen, located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Province of Río Negro, in addition to the reconditioning of the existing basic work , in order to guarantee the system of drainage of the road, and the execution of enripiado to allow vehicular traffic throughout the year. Being this the only way of communication that allows access to the places of work and residence of locals and personnel affected to National Parks as well as tourists, it is necessary to optimize the passability of this road.
Avellaneda, Bs. As.

Storm Drains Maciel Oeste

The project is located in the Locality of Dock Sud, Avellaneda.
The works consisted of reconditioning the infrastructure of drains, by replacing the existing conduits with ones of similar characteristics in order to guarantee a system of drainage towards the River to protect it from floods area, and also protect vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With the consequent benefit for the inhabitants of the place and the neighbors who daily walk the streets involved.
Concordia, Entre Ríos

Roundabout in Intersection
RNº A-015 KM 6.95

The Rotunda was located at the intersection of Monseñor Rösch Avenue and National Route A-015 (concessioned) 13 km from the center of the city of Concordia -located south of the work. The execution of this work has managed to adapt the traffic in all the senses giving also greater security when managing to reduce the speed and with it minimizing the possibility of accidents. In addition to the vertical and horizontal signaling, optical - sound bands have been placed to reduce the speed to 40 km / h.
Arroyo Las Piedras

Drains in Yapeyú

The purpose of this work was to clean up the sector included between Arias, Yapeyú and Espora streets. This area covers an area of ​​approximately 400 hectares and corresponds to the Las Piedras Stream basin and most of it has dirt roads. The proposed solution consists of a pluvial network capable of conducting surpluses, evacuating them by means of main conduits, branches and sub-branches with their corresponding accessory works. The water surpluses will eventually lead to the mentioned Las Piedras Stream. The projected main drive starts at the junction of Beltrame and Arias streets. For this last street it is developed in a section of 850 m. then continue on Yapeyú street, in a stretch of 2560 m., until its outlet in the Las Piedras stream.